Homeopathic Remedies for Depression

homeopathic remedy for depression

Homeopathic Remedies for Depression

Happiness is the most sought after thing in the whole world. It is also the one thing that escapes most people. Emotions can be a slippery slope as they fluctuate naturally throughout each hour, day, month and year. Symptoms of Depression can show up in our lives at any time, although usually after some emotionally traumatic event or challenge in our life. Homeopathic Remedies for Depression can help lift your mood and spirit naturally, without harmful or addictive substances.


Depression is a fact of life for anyone walking this planet. It can happen to anyone at anytime, and sometimes even happens when the season changes as in Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. Using an natural homeopathic remedy for depression can help it not be a roadblock but a stepping stone in your life. Anxiety and Depression are linked because they are both imbalances in your thoughts and emotions because of how you are reacting to the events in your life and restoring balance is what homeopathy is all about. So what is depression and how can you move past this phase in your life?


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What is Depression?

What is Depression? Depression is the absence of balance and happiness in your life. It is a condition that we all face in life. It can be from a medical condition, emotional issues, endless mind chatter, that keeps you from a peaceful and good nights sleep. It is a loss of balance and stability in our local environment (where we live, work, play, pray, eat, etc.) and daily routines in life. It is frequently brought about by changes you are not ready for. People are generally creatures of habit, and most of us love knowing where we stand in life.


Our minds and hearts usually prefer stability and knowing what and who we can count on. When that changes abruptly it can shake your world. The perceived “loss” of anything, particularly a cherished item or losing a loved one to “heaven” or even a mate you thought would be there by your side for a long time, has moved on, without you. Depression can hurt deeply. How do you know if you're actually clinically depressed or just a little blue? There are symptoms and signs of depression that show if you're entering that state of being.



Signs and Symptoms of Depression

There are specific thoughts and feelings you will notice when you are actually depressed and not just a little down. The most common Signs and Symptoms of Depression Include:

  • Feelings of Sadness
  • Loss of Interest in activities that you previously enjoyed
  • Feelings of guilt or worthlessness
  • Lack of a desire to see or communicate with anyone
  • Mind Fog – Not able to focus or concentrate on anything
  • Lack of Energy
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Loss of direction in life, feeling insignificant
  • Insomnia – Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Repetitive Thoughts of death or suicide

If you are having thoughts of death or suicide, you need to talk to someone, in person or on the phone as soon as you can. It can make a difference when someone really listens to you and tries to understand what you're going through.  You can call a Crisis Hotline or Suicide Prevention Line and get help right away. 


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What Does Depression Feel Like

What Does Depression Feel Like? It is a feeling of loss of the desire to live and continue on in a seemingly meaningless world. Nothing seems to matter anymore. You may feel that no one cares what you think, how you feel or even that you exist. It can feel like you're in an endless dark pit, with no hope of ever escaping. I've been there, and we all have been there at one or more points in our journey through this thing called life.


It is common during a close or loving relationship, where you feel that you will never be happy without the attention and touch of that person, and that no one could ever take their place. It can be the loss of a parent, child or close loved one. It can be the sudden termination of a career, or job you really loved. It can be the loss of a pet. I've personally been through all of the above, and didn't think I would ever make it out. But I did, and so will you. 


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Feeling SAD

Why are you Feeling Sad? Depression can also be associated with the weather as in SAD Disorder (seasonal affective disorder) where you feel the blues when the skies are gray for a prolonged period of time. We all have natural rhythms or biorhythms that can influence how we feel in general. The specifics are up to us. You've heard it said that it rains on the just and unjust.


Fortunately there are a few things you can do for those times when you feel under the weather emotionally or psychologically. You may even feel chronically depressed or fatigued. The better you look, the better you feel. The healthier you are, the better you feel. If you feel spiritually connected you feel great and at peace. When any one of these things are missing you just feel out of whack and don't feeling like doing anything much at all.


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How to Stop Feeling Depressed

How to Stop Feeling Depressed? The first thing is learning how depression works and choosing a Natural Treatment for Depression like the Destroy Depression holistic therapy that shows you how to end your depression with medicines or harmful side effects. When you're locked into a bout of depression, you even may have thoughts of not wanting to live or face the outside world anymore, you are done. You draw the blinds, close the curtains and seek to drown out your seemingly insignificant life.


Getting outside, feeling the sunlight on your face, dipping your feet in the water or even walking barefoot on the grass is very grounding, and will help soothe a troubled mind and spirit. You feel more grounded when you're in nature or nature is in you. When you begin to feel like this, get nature on your side, as it is the best way to connect with nature internally. ProVanax is a non-addictive natural stress relieving herbal remedy that calms your mind and soothes your nerves and emotions so you naturally just feel good. It is working really well for people with thoughts of worry, sadness or grief. 


The goal is to lead you in a direction where you will start to feel better without harmful medications or never ending psychotherapy sessions. Pharmaceutical medications like Prozac, Paxil, Ritalin, and Lithium all have a base of fluoride, (fluoride is a very harmful substance that makes you feel worse with time). It's job is to sedate you and tune you out of life. Does that really make you feel any better?  I don't think so. Those methods are just a quick fix method that does more harm than good, and you still feel miserable afterwards.


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Magnesium for Depression

Best Magnesium for Depression and Anxiety. Most people have an excess of calcium in their bodies because all foods now are calcium fortified (and the wrong type of junk calcium that can't be absorbed!) Sea shell based calcium supplements (calcium orotate is the best) can't be absorbed by your body and end up in your joints as joint deposits and bone spurs. They also end up in your arteries as arteriosclerosis and in your brain as dementia and contribute to memory loss. Calcium competes with magnesium in your body and causes stiffness in joints, muscle hardness and depression feelings! Natural magnesium brings calm to mind and body and properly balances every cell in your body.


Most people are highly magnesium deficient and it leads to all types of health conditions like anxiety, panic, depression, arthritis, heart disease, insomnia, constipation, muscle cramps and weak bones and teeth. Using a natural full spectrum magnesium like Magnesium Breakthrough (which has all 7 types of elemental magnesium) and is proven to give you a natural healing effects you can feel, body and mind. It is #1 natural mineral for anxiety relief. It just calms so you look and feel relaxed and in control. It can be used with any of the homeopathic remedies for anxiety relief, panic or even depression because they work on different pathway in your body. 


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Homeopathic Remedy for Depression

Homeopathy Remedies work on the emotional level, and that is why they are particularly well suited to deal with depression better than almost anything else. Biogetica USA C2 Anti-Depression (pictured above) is a natural Homeopathic Remedy for Depression that is helping others leave their depression behind and find freedom and happiness. It works on restoring your natural balance between your brain, nervous system and emotions. It helps you just feel good without heavy medications or drugged up feeling.


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If you've had clinical depression for a while then you should consider the complete natural homeopathic depression relief kit (pictured below) that will help bring your life (thoughts and emotions) back into a healthy balance. It is both safe and effective, and is not habit forming or have harmful side effects. It brings feelings of calm peace into your life naturally.To end your feelings of depression now and move into a happier feeling space visit: Homeopathy for Depression or click on the bottle below.


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