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Homeopathic Remedies for Allergies

Homeopathic Remedies for Allergies


 homeopathic remedy for allergies


Homeopathic Remedy for Allergies

I stumbled upon homeopathy about 5 years ago, while studying herbal medicine and spirituality. Homeopathic medicine is a combination of both. It uses mostly herbs, flowers and other plant sources and matter that has an energetic vibrations similar to what is causing your symptoms, in this case allergic reactions to some stimuli. Homeopathic remedies for allergies work by stopping the histamine response that causes all the symptoms of allergies, some that can be even fatal. 


A Homeopathic Remedy for Allergies works similar to the “Law of attraction” and “Like begets Like” natural medicine that has been scientifically proven to work, without side effects or harm, only results! Dr. Masaru Emoto studied the signatures left in water after exposure to different substances. He examined them under a Darkfield electron microscope to see what their vibrational patterns looked like.


Interestingly enough, water exposed to homeopathic materials (plants, flowers and healing intentions) produced beautiful symmetrical crystalline structures (beautiful crystals that looked like a perfect snowflake). Whereas water exposed to toxins, from stale ponds or harmful intentions, produced random and sickly looking patterns. He unknowingly validated how Homeopathy works. You can find out more about his groundbreaking work in his work “The Healing Messages in Water” or “Water Crystal Healing.”


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Natural Remedies for Allergies

Natural Remedies for Allergies work much differently than your standard prescription medications like, Claritin or Singulair, and even some over the counter medications can prove quite harmful to your health. They don’t help you long-term with your allergies, they only stop your body’s warning system, telling you that there is a problem.  As a former chronic allergy sufferer, I would use Claritin for my allergies and then my nose would get so stuck and stuffy that I couldn’t almost breathe. I kept needing more and more tablets to get temporary relief. OTC’s worked the same way.


Your body builds resistance to them leaving you much worse off, and with sinus headaches, itchy and watery eyes and not being able to concentrate fully. My head was always in a fog when my allergies started. My doctor either didn’t know any better, or there is no money in “the cure” so I never got better. I had to find out natural allergy remedies that worked on my own. Lot’s of trial and error. I did finally find a way that is safe and effective to treat allergies and it will more than likely work just as easily for you too.


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Natural Treatment for Allergies

Use the following natural treatment for allergies to get rid of the most common types of allergy symptoms for good:

  • Use Claritose for symptomatic relief (homeopathy allergy remedy)
  • Try Allertrex (Natural Herbal Remedy for Allergies, can be used with homeopathy)
  • Use Mocyzil if your allergy is related to mold, yeast of fungus
  • Take Oxysilver internally for about a month (This gets rid of many resistant pathogens living in your body)
  • Get outside and breathe fresh air (It has a natural electrical charge to it, that does draw away toxins)
  • Drink alkaline or Ionized Water (Disease can’t live in an alkaline environment. But Don’t drink tap!)
  • A good hepa filter vacuum or air purifier if you’re inside a lot. (This can help remove allergens from the air or dust)
  • Reduce any foods you notice that you suspect cause any allergies (Try this for at least a week, and only cut out one food at at time)

This will give you a really good chance of finally getting rid of your particular allergy and cure future allergies before they even begin. For complete information on all types of allergies visit Natural Allergy Relief!


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Natural Allergy Relief

Homeopathy works great for many conditions and natural allergy relief is one of them, because it works on the histamine response that is created when your body senses and allergy to a particular substance. AllergiClear-M is a homeopathic remedy made to stop the histamine response and let you breathe normally. Here is what someone who just tried it is saying about how AllergiClear-M is relieving his allergies:


June 15, 2018

Burning Eyes

Every year in June when the cotton wood trees begin to make “summer snow” my eyes would go crazy with itching and burning. I tried AllergiClear-M and no more burning or itching at all. Good job Native Remedies!

For more information visit: AllergiClear or click on the bottle or buy now button if you’re ready to leave your allergies for good.





AllergiClear-M Benefits

  • Safely and quickly start relieving allergy symptoms
  • Relieves chest tightness
  • Stops shortness of breath
  • Relieves wheezing
  • Provide therapeutic support for normal airflow, more energy and better overall health
  • Provide fast, doctor-formulated relief with no negative side effects


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