Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal Neuropathy

Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal Neuralgia (or severe facial nerve pain) is a condition where shooting pain affects one or both sides of your face. Medical doctors usually recommend surgery and pharmaceutical pain medicines, but there are big risks with these two types of treatments. Using a Natural Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia can give you relief and even reverse the cause of it without harmful side effects.

Fortunately, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Trigeminal Neuropathy or TN for short can be successfully treated, reversed and even completely healed by using natural medicine like homeopathy and modern nerve pain relief technology devices. You'll discover the absolute Best Natural Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia so you can get rid of this painful condition without the risks of surgery or addictive pharmaceutical pain medications!

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Trigeminal Nerve Function

What is Trigeminal Neuralgia or Trigeminal Neuropathy? Trigeminal neuralgia or neuropathy is an painful condition that affects facial nerves causing a sharp radiating type of pain. It is also referred to as “tic douloureux.” The Trigeminal Neuralgia pain can be very intense at times, like a powerful electric shock. To learn about trigeminal neuralgia, it helps to know a little about trigeminal nerve function. There are trigeminal nerve branches in your head.


They are the 12 cranial nerves or pairs cranial nerves that affect your whole head including your face. The trigeminal nerve function of these branches control specific areas of your head and face. One cranial nerve runs down each side of your head. Each trigeminal nerve splits into three branches, controlling the feeling for different parts of your face. Here are the three TN nerve branches: 

  • Ophthalmic nerve branch. This nerve branch controls your eyes, upper eyelids, and your forehead.
  • Maxillary nerve branch. This nerve branch affects your lower eyelids, cheeks, nostrils, upper lips, and upper gums.
  • Mandibular nerve branch. This nerve branch runs your jaw, lower lip, lower gums, and the muscles you use for chewing food.

Trigeminal Neuralgia can affect any of the three cranial nerve branches, so you will feel pain from your forehead to your jaw and anything in between. Most commonly, you’ll feel the TN pain on only one side of your face at a time. Some people feel it on both sides.


When that happens, it’s refereed to as bilateral trigeminal neuralgia. Use the natural Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia (shown at the bottom of this page) to begin relieving the cause of your Trigeminal Neuralgia pain and symptoms so you can get lasting and permanent relief.

trigeminal neuralgia symptoms

Trigeminal Nerve Symptoms

If you are experiencing one or more of these trigeminal nerve symptoms, then you should see your holistic health professional or use the best natural Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia (shown at the bottom of this page.) The symptoms may feel really painful and uncomfortable, but it is usually not life threatening.

  • Pain that feels like a powerful electric shock in your face
  • Numbness can also happen when the pain is really severe
  • Twitching or excess nervousness due to the intense pain of Trigeminal Neuralgia
  • Your Face may feel very sensitive to the touch

It can be worsened by chewing, eating or drinking, especially cold foods or drinks. You want to treat this quickly as the Trigeminal Neuralgia pain can be severe and debilitating. Infection and and excess of heavy metals can be a major cause of Trigeminal Neuralgia so doing a heavy metal detox cleanse can really help soothe your nerve pain if you have high levels of toxic metals or chemicals in your body.

trigeminal neuralgia causes

Causes of Trigeminal Neuralgia

What are the main Causes of Trigeminal Neuralgia? The main causes of Trigeminal Neuralgia is due to having other neurological conditions like MS that are due to damaged neurons in your brain and central nervous system. Infection and and excess of environmental chemicals (pesticides) and heavy metals damage your nerves leaving you vulnerable to nervous system conditions like TN.


Viruses like the ones that cause shingles and Herpes can be a cause of TN. Heavy metals are neurotoxins that damage how your cranial nerves operate and cause mis-firing causing severe TN pain. Using natural zeolite pure is good for detoxing heavy metals and also for getting rid of infections in your face and body. It works well with the natural Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia especially using homeopathic medicine.


Choosing a healthy keto diet can help minimize outbreaks of Trigeminal Neuralgia symptoms and lessen the severity. Use the natural Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia shown below with the best natural remedies for nerve pain and you can stop your Trigeminal Neuralgia pain quickly and reverse the cause of TN as well!


best natural pain relief


What is a Good Painkiller for Nerve Pain

What is a Good Painkiller for Nerve Pain? The best nerve pain relief that I have ever tried is MindBody Matrix Pain Relief (pictured above.) It has homeopathy's best pain relievers for nerve, joint, muscle and connective tissue pain relief. It works for neuralgia, neuropathy as well as tendonitis and arthritis joint pain and inflammation. It is even guaranteed to work (6 Month, 100% satisfaction guarantee.)


This natural treatment for nerve pain relief is made with proven homeopathic ingredients that you can apply directly and get relief and can be used with the homeopathy for Trigeminal Neuralgia below. You can also take  CBD Hemp Oil in high dosages if the pain is very intense.


For the treatment of painful neuralgia and nerve pain I recommend at least the pain relief cream on the affected nerve path. Use the CBD Oil if your pain is really severe and you want to be sure you won't be in debilitating pain. You can use them together or individually, as well as with the homeopathic medicine as the best natural Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia.

treatment for trigeminal neuralgia

Natural Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia

The Best Natural Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia is the homeopathic medicine kit for TN. The Natural Trigeminal Neuralgia Treament Kit (pictured above) will quickly relieve your nerve pain and even being to heal your damaged nervous system by restoring natural balance. It is a Law of Attraction based medicine, that matches what is causing your Neuropathy symptoms and draws the disturbance to itself, de-activating it and releasing it from the body.


This homeopathic Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia is a highly safe and effective natural remedy for painful neuralgia symptoms and treats the cause of the nerve damage not just the symptoms so you get real relief that lasts. Here is what it does for you:

  • Calming your nerves and preventing them from firing off at the slightest stimuli.
  • Providing Relief.
  • Strengthening your nerves and Myelin sheath to prevent future episodes.
  • Providing nutrients essential to healthy nerve function whilst guiding the body in how to utilize them.
  • Bringing the energy meridians in the body into equilibrium.
  • Reducing the negative effects of stress on the nerves.

Using the Homeopathy Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia kit helps reverse the cause of your TN symptoms quickly. If your pain is really severe then I highly recommend using the most powerful CBD formula for nerve pain (shown below) as it can help when nothing else can. Just click on the Cannabiva 12000 mg Pain Relief tincture and be sure you will be pain free.

What is a Good Painkiller for Nerve Pain

What is the Best Medication for Nerve Pain?

What is the Best Medication for Nerve Pain? Organic CBD Oil is one of nature's most powerful pain relievers that works well for nerve pain (neuralgia and neuropathy.) Use the above pictured formula for Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain Relief because it is the highest potency you can get. It is safe and effective for nerve pain, muscle pain and even insomnia relief.

  • MindBody Matrix (pictured above) is one of the best herbal pain relief supplements. It will stop your pain quickly. MindBody Matrix herbal pain killers (capsules) has all the top natural anti inflammatory pain relivers in one formula and it works to stop the pain signals from the source of your pain and helps spur healing and cellular regeneration. Highly recommended as it is proven to work.
  • Kratom Powder is a great natural stress reliever that elevates your mood and brings natural balance into your life. It is available in various types and potencies, as well as in gummies. It is an organic herb that is a potent pain reliever too (people use it as an opioid alternative.) 
  • CBD Hemp Oil is a great natural stress reliever that works really well for stress, anxiety, pain and insomnia relief. If you have severe stress and anxiety, you will want to try Delta 8 or Delta 9 THC, which is available in oils, capsules or gummies.

You may want to try a neuropathy vitamin and mineral supplement called Neuropathy Miracle as it can help heal damaged nerves and reduce pain as well. It works well with the above natural Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia. It is not as powerful as the CBD formula shown above but they work well together.


It is a well researched and real world tested natural remedy for nerve pain that really works. Just click on the Neuropathy Miracle image below and start restoring proper nerve function without shooting pain. This natural Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia really works well and can get you feeling like a new person!

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