What is Homeopathy

What is Homeopathy?

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About Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathy is a branch of holistic medicine, where the homeopathic physician or practitioner gives a homeopathic remedy that matches the energetic signature of whatever symptoms you are currently experiencing. It is made into a specific Homeopathic Medicine or Homeopathy Remedy that can relieve the cause of your symptoms naturally.


It actively attracts and draws unto itself the cause of your illness and it is eliminated from your body, cause and symptoms. It’s fascinating how this works, and that it in fact, actually does work, and really well. You can watch a good video explaining how and why homeopathy works so well for most people here: Introduction to Homeopathy.


Homeopathy traces its roots to Hippocrates (400 BC) who is the founder of holistic medicine (today’s Medical Doctors still take an oath to uphold “The Hippocratic Oath” which means to “First Do No Harm”) although that is what precisely what most modern medicine does now, is harm based medicine. Chemotherapy, Radiation, Chemical based medicines, Surgeries that are almost always harmful to the person.


Here is a look at why people are turning back to homeopathy as a medicine of the future (Nanomedicine):



Hippocrates did not believe in doing harm, and thought was the opposite of what he did, which was to heal without harm using tiny doses of herbal extracts highly diluted in water. Later Paracelsus discovered a similar thing and thus holistic medicine was the mainstream healing method until the age of modern medicine (allopathic medicine). 


The founder of modern day homeopathy was a 19th century German Physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann who lived between (1775-1843). It is law of attraction medicine that follows the timeless universal rule that states “like attracts like.”


The energetically matched medicine (homeopathy remedy) then attracts the like thing in your body (what is causing your symptoms) and then draws it to itself like a magnet, and then safely excretes it from your body. The cause and symptoms safely disappear.


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How Does Homeopathy Work?

It was discovered that all things, particularly water retain an imprint of whatever it has come in contact with. This is now accepted as scientific fact in quantum physics, the branch of physics that deals with the very tiny sized particles, like molecules. Water is the essence of life in our universe and gives a good example of how homeopathy works.


Water actively stores the imprints of whatever it has been in contact with, called water memory. Dr. Masaru Emoto proved this extensively in his work with water. He froze water crystals that were in different environments and with different substances (even thoughts, words, intentions and music) and then analyzed them under a Darkfield microscope.


What he discovered shocked him and made perfect sense at the same time. Without knowing it he also again validated the premise of homeopathy. Take a look at this short video that shows the effects of water memory after being exposed to different intentions:



When they were beneficial they would show up like a beautiful symmetrical, perfect 6 sided snowflake! When they were diseased, they would show random patterns, or would look like bacteria.  He took water from a sewer and blessed it – and it changed from random to beautiful. This was done with many different things in scientific laboratories and substantiates the workings of homeopathy.


Is Homeopathic Medicine Safe?

Homeopathic Medicine Safety is bulit in since this is a natural medicine with no “active” ingredients like an isolated chemical compound. A homeopath creates holistic medicines based on the unique signatures of the most common symptoms a person (or pet) may be experiencing.


A homeopathic medicine is created by finding natural substances that would cause the same symptoms in a healthy individual and adds this to purified water or pure alcohol as a base and then shakes it rigorously for a specific time.


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And here is where the power is; it is diluted by taking this shaken preparation and adding it to pure water or alcohol and shaking it again. Then repeating this procedure up to thousands of times! The more dilute, the higher drawing power as it is “emptier” and has a greater need to draw the like substance (those creating your symptoms) to itself.


It is diluted so many times that the active ingredient is no longer present in the remedy. This is fascinating because you now have a safe natural remedy that has no active ingredients (nothing to have side effects or adverse reactions to), yet is safe for people of all ages and even your loving pets!


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How to Use Homeopathic Remedies

You would first look for a homeopathic remedy by looking for one that matches your symptoms as closely as possible. For instance if a person is suffering from a cold or flu symptoms, then he or she would take a homeopathic remedy like oscillococcinum or Immunity Plus which is exactly matched to what most people experience in their bodies as cold or flu symptoms.


It will target what is causing the symptoms of cold or flu, like body aches, lack of energy, stuffy or runny nose, headache or fever, that general under the weather feeling. Homeopathy has been researched for almost a hundred years now, and there are plenty of these safe and effective natural medicines for most conditions. 


You can look by symptoms or by the name if you are familiar with homeopathy. You can search the entire catalog or even call for personal assistance in finding the best natural homeopathic remedy to relieve the cause of your symptoms here (888) 338-4108.



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